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Turning Pain Into Power – How pain drives motivation for good

Turning Pain Into Power – How pain drives motivation for good

Along with the constant ebb and flow of life, pain and trauma are inevitable. Experiencing hardships is going to happen, and we have no control over it. Obtaining genuine happiness comes from releasing control of life and its outcomes. Acceptance is a major way to connect to peace but is awfully challenging in dark times. When we experience hurt or trauma, it can seem impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Pain Is Inevitable

When something traumatic occurs in my life, it takes me many days to fully process the effect it has on me. I’ve come to learn it takes more than just a few days to bounce back from something that leaves mental and emotional scars. Something that has made me a more resilient person, is understanding my emotional patterns and fears surrounding distress. Over time I learned how to convert sorrow into strength. Ever since I had this discovery, I am better equipped for life’s curveballs – which most of us have been experiencing as of late.

Let Yourself Feel

The first step to turn pain into power is to allow yourself to feel. Take a step back. Give yourself the opportunity to feel those heavy emotions coming over you. The longer you pretend not to feel them, or shove them to the side, the longer they will float in the abyss your thoughts. In order to properly heal, we must process the damage and feelings associated with the trauma. We cannot create a solution when we are unclear about the problem. Oftentimes, as a coping mechanism, we turn to socializing or staying busy to distract ourselves. Some even turn to harmful substances or behaviors instead of facing triumphs head-on. A big part of healing is having empathy for yourself, and the maturity to take proper steps regarding your emotional health.

When I experience something painful or traumatic, I pause and take a day or two to myself to be still and address the hurt. This may look like taking a day off of work, to rest and reflect. This can also look like asking for help pertaining to my day-to-day responsibilities so that I can look after my mental health. If I feel particularly scattered – I may journal to organize my emotions and check-in. It is okay to not be able to process alone. Sometimes, you need a good friend for a listening ear or even a professional to help you unpack hurtful experiences. Do know, that by abandoning your thoughts – you are prolonging the healing you need. Find a way to healthily release.


Turning Pain Into Power

Once you have addressed your level of trauma and what damage is actually done, you can move forward with small steps of healing. Depending on what your problem is, healing may look different every time. If you are willing to access where the pain is coming from, you will also see that there is a valuable lesson to be learned. Turn your newfound knowledge into action and movement, and you will see that gradual shift from pain to power. Over time you will see that through your suffering, you became a more knowledgeable and grateful person. Life needs balance. There is no joy without fear or anguish.

Remember that there are no highs without lows when things get difficult. Accept that a beautiful life may come with some ominous days. Challenge your perspective and learn to gain wisdom from unpleasant encounters.


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