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The Happiness Myth Debunked: Positive Psychology

The question of how to be happy, and how to live a good life has been kicking around for eons. Back to when the Ancient Greeks were shooting the breeze in Athens, debating what type of happiness was best, there are written records of people discussing happiness and the ‘good life’. Even earlier than that, […]

The Importance Of Mental Well-Being: How good mental health is important for overall well-being

Many people who lack mental health issues take their well-being for granted. However, millions of people are affected by mental disorders both moderate and serious in nature. Mental disorders can affect anyone, no matter their background, genetics, culture, race or environment. In many cases, mental health services are required to help people get back to […]

April 26, 2022 Dr. Sheetal No Comments

Let’s Talk Little About Overthinking

Although overthinking itself isn’t a mental health disorder, it is a bad habit – one that can seriously affect our mental well-being if left unchecked. In light of recent events such as the coronavirus pandemic, paying more attention to our collective health, both physical and mental, is important. From readjusting to new ways of working to extended […]