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Improving fine motor skills in Children

Fine motor skills involve the movement of small muscles that require one’s brain to coordinate between action and vision. Children develop motor skills at different rates. But when they struggle with fine motor skills, they can have trouble doing various activities. Here are a few ways to develop your child’s fine motor skills if you […]

February 3, 2022 Dr. Sheetal No Comments

15 Things Happy People Don’t Do

Everyone is seeking happiness at some level . Everyone. Their results are the manifestation of how they go about it and what they do. True lasting happiness is what matters so read on to find out exactly 15 things happy people DON’T do. 1. They don’t forget to dream Happy people don’t forget to dream, they believe in themselves […]

January 6, 2022 Dr. Sheetal No Comments

How To Avoid or Manage Common Temptations While Detoxing

The move from a supported environment back to normal living can be a tough transition. Upon leaving rehab/detox, you may find yourself put in trigger situations, or situations that spark the thought of reverting back to old habits. Things like returning to your old neighborhood, seeing old friends or family members, and even certain emotions […]