A Short Reminder For Your Everyday Life

April 20, 2022 Dr. Sheetal No Comments

A Short Reminder For Your Everyday Life

It’s inevitable — sometimes, we just hit our lowest points. Sometimes, grief brings it on. Many times, its stress, or money troubles, or toxic relationships.

During other times, it may well be nothing at all that triggers your emotional plummets. A song that reminds you of someone you miss, or a feeling when you wake up that nothing will rescue you today, no matter what happens.

Nobody makes it through life without hitting those lows. What’s essential is spotting how you react, taking some steps to break up the dark thought patterns, and nurturing your mental health long-term.

You have to forgive yourself for your low moments — they aren’t your fault. And beating yourself up for them will take you even lower. Be kind to yourself. Breathe. Recalibrate. And, at your own pace, crawl/clamber/climb out of the pit. Here’s how we confront those dark, complex, and seemingly endless moments.

“All you have is this moment. Don’t let it slip away.” Shout outs to Insta-philosophers for all the fluffy nonsense your brain can handle. Okay, it’s a bit cliché. But look, there’s actually something to this, even if it does make your eyes roll harder than Elliot Page in “Whip It.”

Your fast-paced life could be giving you burnout. Learning to live in the present will help you to slow down and smell the roses. So always keep your chin up and make your day shine bright no matter what.

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